Sherri Snyder-Roche, MA, LMHC: 

Sherri (SaranDev Kaur) is the author of the scripts. She stepped out of her comfort zone in recording several of the tracks herself. For many years, she has spoken these scripts to her clients, and now shares them on these CDs. Sherri is an accomplished artist, painting in watercolors over the past 28 years, and adding other creative mediums over the past few years (including hand-painted gourds, collages, and fiber arts). Sherri has a tendency to inspire those around her through her heart-felt enthusiasm, calm nature and playfulness.


Amy Kirkpatrick Rosen: 

Amy (Guru Jaswant Kaur) provides narration for several tracks. We are delighted to have Amy participate

in this project. She is a professional actress and devoted mother. She is a multi-talented talented woman with certification in massage therapy, children’s and prenatal yoga instruction and has practiced Kundalini Yoga and other forms of yoga for many years. Her lively, enthusiastic and playful nature blends with the intention of these CDs.



Christopher Lloyd Clark,  BSc, MscD:

Christopher is an Australian musician, composer and director of healing music. He has been practicing meditation and composing healing and meditation music for 15 years. "Music is the language of emotion and of the spirit". We are blessed to share his music to compliment our narration. He has a wonderful way of touching the soul and the heart through music.

Recording and Engineering:


Cedar House Sound

We really lucked out when we found Gerry Putnam of Cedar House Sound. The Cedar House Sound Recording Studio is in a rustic and tranquil environment located in Sutton, New Hampshire on over 100 acres of prestine nature. Gerry says that there is even a bear family. He provided professional sound equipment and exquisite guidance through the entire process.