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HOW TO USE THESE CDs: Whether you are a parent, teacher, day care provider, child life specialist, yoga instructor, or psychotherapist, we have made it is easy to use these CDs.  Listeners are guided step by step through each section, although it is strongly recommended that you listen to these CDs in entirety before using with the children so you can familiarize yourself with the content, directives and the exercises. Some tracks are active, some are relaxing, some yoga exercises conclude with an artistic directive. The background music and vocals compliment the yoga sets, but you might have some additional background music available while the children are being creative.  It is important that you have art supplies available. Markers and large paper (18 X 24) are sufficient but feel free to add oil pastels, scented markers or crayons. You might also have paper towels handy for clean up. Make sure there is sufficient space for the children to move around...... you might even have cushions or pillows for the children to sit on. And lastly, enjoy the playful nature of the CDs. Although it is geared for children and teens, adults may enjoy it just as much! ENJOY!


TRACK #1: "Animal Adventure" ( a fairly active track than concludes with relaxation) (20:09 min)


TRACK #2:  "Rooted Confidence" (getting grounded) (16:45)


TRACK#3: "Seated Open Heart Meditation" (this track assists in helping kids develop mindfulness) (11:11)


TRACK#4: Nighty-Nite (this track will help kids get to sleep with ease!) (7:56)



TRACK#5: "Yogi Walk" (an active track, focused on learning yoga poses and ending with realxation) (28:09) 


TRACK#6: "Courage Rising" (this track focuses on bulding inner confidence and inner strength) (19:06)


TRACK#7: "Building Community through Yoga and Art" (SaTaNaMa walking meditation that concludes with art) (21:07)


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